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The Introduction to 3D Printing course is designed to guide participants from novice levels to proficient users of a Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer.

It offers a solid foundation for individuals new to 3D printing, encompassing general usage, maintenance, and practical applications of this technology.





2 Days, Classroom Based

The training location is at CELTEC (Celbridge Engineering Lab Training & Education Centre), Unit 12A, M4 Business Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, W23 HCK2




        • Understand the process from taking a design through slicing, setting the slicing parameters, and set up a print

        •  Know how to use a 3D print material selector for selecting appropriate materials for their print Understand how different materials need different slicing settings and processing parameters, and the different types of supports required when slicing a model

        • Understand the FDM process and understand how enhanced machine features aid successful printing

        • Orientate a model in the slicing software for printing and set up the slicing parameters and advanced slicing settings

        • Be able to conduct basic troubleshooting on the printer and with unsuccessful printsBe capable of identifying the different parts if a 3D printer

        • Be able to set up the printer for different materials Be able to perform the monthly, 3 monthly and yearly maintenance tasks on the 3D printer

        This course is suitable for learners already in employment who wish to upskill in 3D Printing

        No prior knowledge of 3D Printing is required

        Ability to grasp technical concepts, capable of working with their hands and ability to troubleshoot and problem solve


        This course is funded under the Skills To Advance initiative. For employed learners, this course, including course materials and assessments fees are provided at no cost to the learner


        3D Certified User Certificate

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        Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 February 2024

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