This full time practical course provides participants with the specialist skills and knowledge required to confidently work as a barista, serving hot and cold drinks using advanced espresso routines and milk texturing techniques. In conjunction with coffee theory, food safety and payment handling techniques, participants will spend large amounts of time working on espresso machines, perfecting their barista skills under the supervision of a professionally qualified instructor



4 Weeks (Full Days)


This programme is designed to provide participants with a level of knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to gain meaningful employment as a barista


Barista Skills 

Demonstrate product knowledge 

  • Practical skills 
  • Outline characteristics of the product to customers 
  • Deal with customer queries effectively 
  • Handle and store products and ingredients correctly and safely 
  • Underpinning knowledge 
  • Describe the origin and flavour of products and ingredients 
  • Describe the processes involved in bringing the products to the market 
  • Explain how processes may affect the quality of products and ingredients 
  • Compare characteristics of products 
  • Describe how to store and handle products and ingredients  

Clean and check equipment 

  • Practical skills 
  • Check and clean equipment before use 
  • Check and clean equipment after use 
  • Dispose of waste safely and hygienically 
  • Underpinning knowledge 
  • Identify the range of equipment available for each product 
  • Explain the brewing/production process relevant to equipment 
  • Describe the checks required for each piece of equipment, including the frequency 
  • Explain the cleaning process for each piece of equipment 
  • Explain how common faults might occur with each piece of equipment 
  • Describe the actions to take for each common fault 
  • State the importance of leaving areas clean, tidy and safe 
  • Outline methods of dealing with waste and rubbish 
  • State the main employer responsibilities and employee responsibilities as stated in the appropriate local and national legislation 

Display drink building techniques 

  • Practical skills 
  • Calibrate pieces of equipment as necessary 
  • Operate pieces of equipment to produce the drink required 
  • Check drink meets quality standards and correct as necessary 
  • Underpinning knowledge 
  • Outline the calibration and operation of equipment 
  • List the drinking vessels and ancillaries required for drinks 
  • Describe the quality characteristics for the range of drinks 
  • Outline the reasons for professional, methodical, organised and clean working practices 
  • Explain how to correct common presentation problems for the range of drinks 

Serve customers  

  • Practical skills 
  • Present a positive personal image 
  • Use appropriate communication techniques with customers 
  • Serve customers in an efficient manner 
  • Ensure service is completed appropriately and satisfactorily 
  • Underpinning knowledge 
  • Outline the benefits to organisations of providing excellent customer service 
  • Explain the consequences of poor customer service 
  • Describe the personal appearance and presentation required for service 
  • Describe positive body language techniques 
  • Explain how to make a customer feel welcome 
  • Outline organisational procedures for handling customer complaints 
  • Explain the importance of listening skills when handling customer complaints 
  • Outline organisational procedures for processing transactions 
  • State different payment methods  

Primary Food Safety 

  • Develop an understanding of:  
  • Food Safety 
  • Microbiological hazards 
  • Food contamination 
  • HACCP from delivery to storage 
  • HACCP from food preparation to service 
  • Personal hygiene 
  • Pest control 
  • Cleaning and disinfection 
  • Food safety law and enforcement 



Participants may wish to continue their studies with KWETB in a complementary area:

Classroom based:




On successful completion of the course, learners will receive a City and Guilds Level 2 Award in Barista Skills and a Primary Food Safety Level 2 Certificate from the Environmental Health Association of Ireland (EHAI)