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The aim of this programme is to equip participants with the ability to work as part of a team in a hospitality and tourism establishment in a leadership capacity, and to provide an awareness of how their team leadership contributes towards business success. It will enable participants respond appropriately to customer requirements and issues in a professional manner and to be responsible for delivering a positive customer experience


This programme is suitable for aspiring team members who may have had some experience in supervising a team or event and for employees who are new to a supervisory role

Developing Leaders for Hospitality and Tourism is a result of a collaboration between SOLAS, the Education and Training Boards (ETBs), the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF), Fáilte Ireland and the Regional Skills Fora

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This course is thought in phases. Learners can complete as many phases as they wish, returning at a later date to complete any missed phases. Each phases will be run again at a later date.

Phase 1: Supervising People in Hospitality

  • 9 Days In Duration (Tuesdays 9am-3pm), starting 26th April 2022

Phase 2: Supervising Teams in the Customer Relationship

  • 9 Days In Duration (Tuesdays 9am-3pm), starting 28th May 2022

Phase 3: Supervising Resources in Hospitality Products and Services

  • 9 Days In Duration (Tuesdays 9am-3pm), starting 30th August 2022

Phase 4: Supervising Health and Safety & Problem Solving in Hospitality

  • 9 Days In Duration (Tuesdays 9am-3pm), starting 1st November 2022

Phase 5: Supervising the Customer Experience and Impact

  • 9 Days In Duration (Tuesdays 9am-3pm), starting 3rd December 2022



Phase 1: These units enable the learner to set and support individuals and teams to achieve objectives and will be able to use this information to identify development needs within their own team and prioritise them in line with organisational and area needs.  It will also develop the candidate’s ability to work with team members to identify relevant development opportunities and to monitor and review the plan in line with organisational and area needs.

Phase 2: These unit enable learners to develop working relationships with colleagues; within their own organisation and within other organisations that are productive in terms of supporting and delivering your work and that of the overall organisation.  ‘Colleagues’ are any people you are expected to work with, whether they are at a similar position or in other positions. Focused on organisation and staffing resources and bringing these together in a constructive way to improve overall customer service.

Phase 3: These units enable the learner to contribute to the control of resources and promote products and services as well as supervising a function such as a banquet, corporate entertainment event, reception, or conference. The unit covers the preparation, running and closing off the event. As such it includes activities such as briefing, monitoring, clearing up and debriefing staff beyond the close of the function.

Phase 4: These units enable the learner to maintain health, safety, security and hygiene standards relevant to your area of responsibility. The maintenance of these standards is essential in protecting staff and customers from harm. As well as support and guidance to a team to encourage them to improve their customer service delivery having a passion for customer service and sharing this enthusiasm with colleagues and staff team. It is about leading by example.

Phase 5: These units enable the leaner to bring organisation and staffing resources together in a constructive way to improve overall customer service, whilst managing the environmental impact of work activities in the area of responsibility.



Phase 1 Modules:
Module 401 – Set Objectives and Provide Support for Team Members
Module 424 – Support Learning and Development within own area of responsibility
Module 531 – Lead and Manage Meetings

Phase 2 Modules:
Module 402 – Developing Working Relationships with Colleagues
Module 423 – Improve the Customer Relationship
Module 432 – Employment Rights and Responsibilities in the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism Sector

Phase 3 Modules:
Module 403 – Contribute to the Control of Resources
Module 408 – Supervise Functions
Module 406 – Contribute to Promoting Hospitality Products and Services

Phase 4 Modules:
Module 404 – Maintain the Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security of the Working Environment
Module 419 – Monitor and Solve Customer Service Problems

Phase 5 Modules:
Module 405 – Lead a Team to Improve Customer Service
Module 428 – Manage the Environmental Impact of Work Activities


Upon successful completion of this course, participants may wish to continue to the Developing Leaders for Hospitality and Tourism: Diploma in Hospitality Supervision (QQI Level 6 Equivaltent)


The successful completion of this Developing Leaders in Hospitality and Tourism Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership programme will help candidates in a wide range of team leadership roles in the Hospitality and Tourism sector:

  • Bar Person and Manager
  • Catering/Restaurant Manager
  • Kitchen Supervisor/Manager
  • Leisure Centre Manager
  • Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Hotel Manager


On successful completion of the programme, learners will receive a City and Guilds Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management (equivalent of QQI Level 5 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications)