Embrace the Future with 3D Printing Technology

Poster advertising a fully-funded 2-day advanced manufacturing 3D printing course by Kildare Wicklow ETB (KWETB)


Embrace the Future with 3D Printing Technology

Embrace the Future with Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

Discover the World of Advanced Manufacturing: A Beginner’s Guide to Unleashing Your Creative Potential. In the dynamic tech landscape, advanced manufacturing, particularly 3D printing, stands as a pioneering force, transforming innovative concepts into reality across various fields.


Why Explore Advanced Manufacturing?

Venturing into advanced production methods like 3D printing not only offers a chance to acquire new skills but also ignites a wave of creativity and innovation. This sector, especially through additive manufacturing, is reshaping industries from custom jewellery design to breakthrough medical solutions, offering a limitless canvas for creativity.


Advanced manufacturing 3D printing machines at KWETB


Introducing the “Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing” Course

Step into the future with our ‘Introduction to 3D Printing’ course, designed with the Skills to Advance initiative and supported by leading industry figures.

This course offers a deep dive into Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), showcasing its vast applications from creating architectural models to designing custom car parts.

Discover how this course can ignite your innovative spirit across various industries, providing the skills needed to excel in today’s manufacturing and design world.

Seize the chance to transform your career by mastering cutting-edge technology.


What You Will Gain

Transition from novice to proficient, mastering the A to Z of 3D printing. The course encompasses:

  • The fundamentals of 3D printing, including setup, maintenance, and operation of FFF 3D printers.
  • Insights into design principles, slicing software, and choosing the right materials.
  • Practical troubleshooting and upkeep tips for peak printer performance.


Participants in a Kildare Wicklow ETB (KWETB) advanced manufacturing 3D printing course


Hands-On Learning Experience

The Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Celbridge hosts this immersive two-day course, offering direct interaction with advanced manufacturing tools, including 3D printers. This practical approach ensures a deep understanding of the technology’s nuances.


Who Can Join?

This course is open to participants currently in employment. Learners who are currently unemployed are not eligible. No prior knowledge of 3D printing is required before course commencement.


3D printing technology for advanced manufacturing


How to Get Started

Beginning your adventure in advanced manufacturing is straightforward. Participants need their employers to complete the necessary Skills to Advance documentation for funding eligibility, paving the way to exploring the expansive potential of advanced manufacturing.


Dive Into the Future

Advanced manufacturing, with 3D printing at its core, is revolutionising our approach to creating and innovating, promising to reshape our world. By mastering these skills, you’re not just keeping pace with technological progress—you’re leading it.

Start your journey in advanced manufacturing today by enrolling in our course. Discover how these skills can unlock your potential.

For more information and enrolment, contact our Enterprise Engagement team at enterpriseengagement@kwetb.ie.


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