Enterprise Engagement

We are a key training and education resource and support to Hospitality employers in Kildare and Wicklow.

KWETB’s Enterprise Engagement Team collaborates with enterprise and employers across a variety of sectors in Kildare and Wicklow, supporting the upskilling and reskilling of its workforce, ensuring staff hold modern skills for an experienced economy. Both large and small employers can take advantage of this opportunity

The Enterprise Engagement Team provide enterprise and employers a range of programme offerings. Courses can also be tailored or bespoke programmes created specifically to a client’s requirements if necessary. If required, details skills audits can be conducted and skills deficiencies identified

Depending on the courses sought, they may be available daytime, evenings or weekends using a classroom (off or on-site), blended or delivered online.

Course accreditation can also be provided.

For qualifying companies the cost of these courses is typically funded by KWETB

Skills to Advance

Through Skills to Advance we offer a wide range of up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities to businesses. Working closely with small and medium sized enterprises, Skills to Advance helps employers identify skills needs and invest in their workforce by providing subsidised education and training to staff. Courses are structured in response to your business needs. For more information on skills to advance please see here


Through 50 Shades Greener, Ireland is the first country to roll out a National Training Programme to ‘green’ the Hospitality & Tourism industry, reducing our carbon footprint and business costs.


Your Future Your Skills

Global Hospitality Certification allows those working in the hospitality industry to gain professional recognition for their skills and experience against an international benchmark, in the form of a Digital Badge.

Developing Leaders in Hospitality and Tourism

A national initiative to support the sector preparing for the future, upskilling, and working together to rebuild and train the hospitality leaders of the future.