Equip learners with an awareness of the impacts of human activities on the environment and with the knowledge, skills and competence to identify the key sustainable practices that can be implemented by a business and by an individual


This Level 5 Environmental Sustainability Awareness in the Workplace Module is aimed at the employee in their workplace – Employees across all
functions and roles, including management, teamleads, general operatives, administration, finance etc.




This course will be delivered over 10 weekly online evening classes, 6.30pm – 9.30pm Tuesdays. 


  • Climate change and measures to address it
  • Biodiversity loss & other environmental pressures, and measures to address these
  • Energy management, renewable energy, & carbon management
  • Sustainable food & food waste prevention
  • Circular economy, waste & resource management & greening the supply chain; water efficiency & conservation
  • Environmental management, & green awareness for employees
  • Greening lifestyles & communities; business interaction with their community
  • Workshops to develop your action plan


        • Describe the principal effects of human activities on the environment, to
          include depletion of natural resources, climate change, pollution, and loss
          of biodiversity
        • Examine the key measures that have been taken to address these
          environmental issues, to include: all relevant national, international and
          European policy instruments or agreements
        • Identify and assess the environmental impacts of individuals and
          recommend actions that can be taken to reduce these impacts
        • Conduct an initial review to scope an environmental improvement programme that could be carried out in the workplace.


        This course is funded under the Skills To Advance initiative. For employed learners, this course, including course materials and assessments fees are provided at no cost to the learner. 


        Upon successful completion of the programme, learners will achieve a QQI Level 5 qualification in Environmental Sustainability In The Workplace