Manufacturing Learners


To provide the skills and related knowledge to confidently pursue employment in a process maintenance technician role in a manufacturing setting.

 To prepare learners to become more competitive in the employment market or to confidently progress on to further and higher education.

 To develop operational competence in the broad field of maintenance of industrial mechanical and electrical systems.

 Candidates who successfully complete this programme should be seen in the context of members of a multidisciplinary team of professionals including mechanical and electrical engineers, electricians, supervisors, safety professionals and manufacturing representatives.


This programme aims to develop the candidates technical acumen and personal effectiveness, project management and employability skills so as to maximise their potential for employment.


52 Weeks (includes 10 weeks work experience)


This is a full time classroom based programme delivered at the Celbridge Engineering Lab Training and Education Centre (CELTEC) in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

This hands-on training programme is delivered Monday to Thursday (9am to 4.15pm), Fridays (9am-1.15pm)


While no prior knowledge of manufacturing is required, learners must completed an interview and an aptitude test prior to course commencement.

 This programme is designed for those who are currently unemployed, those interested in re-entering the workforce or those considering a career change.

 This course is fully funded, delivered by Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board (KWETB), paid for by the European Social Fund (ESF).

 For those who are receiving a social welfare entitlement prior to course commencement will keep this payment for the duration of their course.


Completing the Manufacturing Technician Traineeship while unemployed can be highly beneficial for several reasons:

 Employability: Gaining qualifications and skills in manufacturing through a traineeship can significantly enhance your employability. Employers often look for candidates with relevant training and experience, and completing a traineeship demonstrates your commitment to entering the manufacturing sector.

Career Opportunities: The manufacturing industry offers a wide range of career opportunities across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. By completing a traineeship, you open doors to entry-level positions as a manufacturing technician or operator, providing a solid foundation for career advancement and specialization in the future.

Skill Development: Manufacturing traineeships provide hands-on experience and technical training in areas such as production processes, quality control, equipment operation, and safety procedures. These practical skills are highly valued by employers and can increase your competency and confidence in the workplace.

Industry Knowledge: Participating in a traineeship exposes you to the inner workings of the manufacturing industry, including its technologies, regulations, and best practices. This knowledge not only prepares you for the demands of the job but also helps you make informed decisions about your career path within the field.

Networking Opportunities: Traineeships often involve interactions with industry professionals, mentors, and fellow trainees, allowing you to expand your professional network. Networking can lead to potential job opportunities, references, and valuable connections within the manufacturing sector.

Financial Stability: Securing employment in the manufacturing industry provides a stable source of income, which is particularly crucial when you are unemployed and seeking financial stability. Many manufacturing roles offer competitive wages and benefits, providing a solid foundation for building a sustainable career.

This course is a strategic investment in your future, offering opportunities for career advancement, skill development, industry knowledge, and financial stability within the dynamic and diverse field of manufacturing.




    The following modules are completed on this course;


    • Electrical Principles (6N2049) – Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the principles underpinning the functioning of electrical circuits to understand and work safely with electric circuits
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (6N5370) – Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to program and locate faults in a programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Mechanical Maintenance Skills (6N5372) – Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to perform fault finding and repair tasks for mechanical maintenance
    • Electronics (6N5374) – Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to design and build complex electronic circuits
    • Industrial Electrical Systems (6N5377) – Equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to diagnose industrial faults and to carry out repairs/replacements safely
    • Maths for Information Technology (5N18396) – Equips the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to apply a broad range of mathematical skills and tools to a wide variety of contexts especially in software development and/or working with computer systems and networks
    • Communications (6N1950) – Equips the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and non-verbally in a comprehensive range of everyday and work-related tasks
    • Work Experience (6N1946) – Equips the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the workplace for a limited time (10 weeks)
    • Control Systems (City and Guilds) – Equips the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence in a set of mechanical or electronic devices that regulates other devices or systems by way of control loops


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