Local Education and Training Boards are inviting applications from Community Education providers, for funding from the Governments Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund.

This fund places a strong focus on:

  • Community Education as a mechanism to continue to support and engage with disadvantaged learners
  • Reaching out, encouraging and supporting learners to re-engage with education and training
  • Enticing new learners to engage with education and training opportunities
  • Enabling the investment in building the digital infrastructure of providers, and their capability to ensure that online learning can be delivered in a way that meets the complex needs of all learners.

Categories eligible for funding consideration are:

  • Digital Technologies to supply devices, software and systems, or CPD training, to facilitate high quality learning and delivery
  • Learner Assistance Fund to help, where appropriate, with costs associated with course participation, such as books and class materials
  • Outreach, Engagement and Mentoring Fund to assist with costs associated with activities such as awareness raising, and services to promote re-engagement
  • COVID-19 Exceptional Circumstances Fund for Community Education to address educationally disadvantaged learners.

For more information or to apply, contact us at