variety of beans


This 1 practical course is crafted to teach participants the importance the importance of plant based proteins and fibre in the diet. It will introduce participants to exciting ways of making wholesome meals that are packed with flavour whilst highlighting how these ingredients look after your body too. The course illustrates how important beans are to a healthy diet and displays how they can be used as the backbone of wholesome dishes. The course will exhibit some different variants of bean types and explain why they are dried, and how to prepare them for use by soaking, all under the supervision of a professionally qualified chef




1 Morning


This programme is designed to provide participants with a level of knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them create tasty and nutritious meals using beans



  • Types of beans 
  • How to cook and prepare beans 
  • Nutritional information regarding beans 
  • Traditional and new bean recipes  

This course was run in January 2022. Please click the expression of interest button below and send us an email if you would be interested in doing this course in the future. This course is run in KWETB’s Centre of Excellence in Hospitality at Marine House, Wicklow Town.