This course is designed to equip participants with a level of knowledge, skills and competence to produce a range of baked goods, including breads, pastries and hot & cold desserts



This course is typically run 1 day per week over 9 weeks


Participants who successfully complete this module will be able to apply the knowledge, processes and techniques necessary to produce a range of the following:

  • Pastry products using short, sweet, choux and puff pastry
  • Fresh breads and scones
  • Sponge and sponge products
  • Hot and cold desserts with accompanying sauces
  • Display an Irish cheese board and accompaniments


  • Explain the scientific principles underpinning the processes used in baking and pastry production
  • Describe standards and grades for baking ingredients and products including flours, starches, fats, sugars, sweeteners, liquids, eggs, leavening agents, gelatine, salt and pre-prepared products
  • Describe the commodities, both fresh and convenience, used in the production of hot and cold desserts including fruits, flavourings, colourings and chocolate
  • Prepare a range of baked dishes
  • Prepare a range of breads including brown and white soda breads, muffins, sweet and savoury scones, basic and enriched yeast breads
  • Prepare a range of products using fresh and convenience pastry including short, sweet, choux and puff
  • Prepare a range of sponges and sponge products, including fatless and enriched sponge, coating and filling as required
  • Prepare a range of cold desserts, including egg based dishes, cold soufflés, cheesecakes, waterices, meringues, tuilles and brandy-snaps, fruits, and sauces
  • Prepare a range of hot desserts, including batters, milk puddings and hot soufflés
  • Describe a range of Irish cheeses and their quality points
  • Prepare a cheese board using appropriate accompaniments
  • Implement cost and quality control considerations in the production and service of pastry, baking and desserts
  • Carry out all tasks, duties and skills using safe and hygienic personal and professional practices, taking direction from appropriate personnel
  • Implement best practice in food hygiene and workplace safety


Participants may wish to continue their studies with KWETB in a complementary area:

Classroom based:




On successful completion of the course learners will be awarded a QQI Level 5 Award in Pastry, Baking and Desserts (5N2084)