Ireland’s bright and energetic youth are coming together to create an #antiviral movement during Covid-19. The #antiviral movement is relatable, approachable, and it strives to encourage everyone to live their lives within the current guidelines and to of course, beat Covid-19.

Throughout lockdown, we’ve seen news segments and videos playing into a common misconception; Ireland’s young people, at large, act negligently when it comes to Covid-19 measures. They congregate in large groups, go to house parties and essentially, they don’t socially distance themselves. However, this is in-fact not the norm and we believe their efforts and their struggles should be recognised.

The #antiviral movement works alongside young adults, reflecting a partnership and realisation that together we can and will overcome Covid-19. It’s time to inspire and empower one another and to continue to socialise in a safe and mindful way. Together we’ll be #antiviral.

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Join the movement. Be #antiviral.