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The Universal Robots Operator Core Training gives the learner the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of a real cobot and learn the basic skills for programming

 The learner will learn how to program various applications in training cells under realistic conditions

 Core Training focuses on the programming of the cobot




2 Full Days, Classroom Based

The training location is at KWETB’s Advanced Manufacturing and Pneumatics Centre in Celbridge, Co. Kildare (M4 Business Park)





        • Safely program the robot in its basic functions
        • Create and optimise programs for a wide variety of typical applications like pick-and-place, palletising, polishing or dosing
        • Connect peripheral devises such as sensors, grippers or conveyor belts to the robot and control and query them from the robot program
        • Integrate logics into the robot program
        • Correctly configure the safety settings of the robot
        • Use the tools and online resources that are available to you when programming applications


        No programming experience is required prior to undertake this course


        This course is funded under the Skills To Advance initiative. For employed learners, this course, including course materials and assessments fees are provided at no cost to the learner


        Universal Robots – Core

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        Reliance Automation

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        This next instance of this course runs on 14th and 15th June. please complete the MS Forms and a member of the Enterprise Engagement team will be in contact: